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Friday, May 23, 2008

.: Best of the 48 Hour Film Project

Straight from the Cannes Film Festival’s Short Film Corner (where several 48 Hour Film Project films — including “The Kumbio Takedown” — screened this week) comes word about the upcoming “Best of the DC 48 Hour Film Project” showcase.

And “All Roads Lead Away” is in, one of 24 films selected for the honor. As was the case last year, there will be a separate slate of films shown across the two screenings (one at 7:00 and another at 9:30), and our film will be part of the second (i.e., we’ll be at 9:30); all shows will be on Thursday, May 29th, again at the AFI Silver Theater.

Furthermore, we’ll be screening in high definition; we’ve been working with the 48 Hour production team to get them our full-HD files (rather than the standard-definition version that was shown at the premiere screening). If you’re at all able to make it, this is going to be worth seeing. In fact, tickets are available (or, as of this writing, soon will be) for both shows, and there are some strong offerings in both screenings (judging by what I’ve seen so far). And after the second screening, there'll be a wrap party at McGinty’s Pub — so do plan on sticking around!

Congratulations to everyone who pitched in on this little picture. I’m so proud of the efforts you all put in, and I hope to see you next Thursday!

P.S.: Here is the full screening lineup — unlike last year, there are no duplicates this time around. (My understanding is that the judges’ final decisions are not yet locked down, meaning there’s no way to pick the “front-runners.”) And I’m just listing these in alphabetical order by team name; we don’t know the screening order yet.

Screening 1 — 7:00 p.m.
  • Actors With Strings: “The Chair” (Historical Fiction)
  • Butch’s All-Stars: “Commitment”
  • Dead City Films: “Get Closer” (Spy)
  • Double Deuce Films: “The Hauntening, Part 3”
  • Flik Productions: “Road to Greenwood”
  • Flat Feet Films:The End” (Fantasy)
  • Habitual Offenders: “Recalculating”
  • The Quest:Spy, Gina, Spy!
  • Roadside Productions:Sales of a Deathman” (Road Movie)
  • Roanoke:American Revolution” (Historical Fiction)
  • 3mm Films: “Fairy Bust” (Fantasy) (behind-the-scenes video)
  • WIT Films:iLoveU2” (Sci Fi)
Screening 2 — 9:30 p.m.

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